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Capturing Blondie

In this exciting sequel to our very popular Trespassing, Sinn has come around to Chelsea's way of life and is now her cohort in snagging lovely, unsuspecting hikers into their lair. Pretty Lily is hiking on Chelsea's property. Of course, she missed the "No Trespassing" sign that Chelsea has supposedly posted. Sinn spies Lily and seduces her into a shaded cove. Sinn begins to make the moves on Lily and the two begin making out. That's when Chelsea catches them. And, catches is the right word. Lily has been captured. Just as Sinn had, Lily has also been in trouble with the law and when the words "county sheriff" are spoken, no more persuasion is needed to make Lily do whatever Sinn and Chelsea want her to do. From Spank Sinn Home.