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11th Commandment

This is the 1st of 4 films featuring naughty schoolgirls, Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, with their various put upon uncles who have tried to look after them and bring them up properly but these 2 are far more worldy and know just how to run rings around kindly Uncle "Dodgy Dave" who they adore as he lets them get away with all sorts (unlike nasty old Uncle John). But even Dave got fed up and from time to time and he had to administer his own unique brand of punishment, sometimes to the amusement of the girls, but also they knew when he meant business and the smiles and laughter disappeared.
Here in his kitchen, the girls arrived home late from school, having left it in a mess, not done their homework and showed a lack of respect which had earnt them both his hand and some wooden implements across their bare bottoms! Domestic and cute schoolgirl uniform lovers will enjoy this film from Triple A Spanking!