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Emma's Detention

Emma is waiting for her detention punishment but is quickly bored waiting for Miss to turn up and checks out the open laptop on the desk to discover that Miss has been active on a dating website. Emma is so engrossed in telling a friend on the phone this "momentous news" that she fails to see Miss arrive and so this detention takes a turn for the worse in planned severity! What was to have been a just simple spanking over her white cotton knickers turns out to be a terrible nightmare for nosey Emma as she is thrashed with her knickers pulled down... then given a hard dose of a nasty composite paddle before she is caned hard on her sore bottom to ensure she was thoroughly humiliated after dishing out all that unecessary gossip! To add to her embarrassment and pain, Emma is then made to sit on the dreaded "Naughty Chair" for the remainder of her after school detention from Triple A Spanking!